Web development, mobile applications, web design and online marketing

Standing out today demands brilliant, bold design and inspired, creative development. 1minus1 designs, builds and markets websites, web and mobile applications that connect with users and transform businesses.

Web Development

Today’s web development needs to do more than build for success here and now. It needs to focus on success next year, the year after that and beyond. To do that, you need experts that think about the future as well as getting the job done today. 1minus1 creates exciting, innovative websites and web applications that are not only built to blow-away your competition, but built to last. […]

Design for Web & Mobile

Design is about so much more than creating something beautiful. The best design, whatever form it takes, is a tool to deliver results. To not just make your website, web or mobile design stand out from the competition as an experience, but to engage. To help your business grow. As award-winning designers, we have the skills and experience to deliver something special. […]

Mobile App Development

Your mobile application needs to engage, delight, and deliver to your objectives. But designing and building mobile applications is a wholly different skill to that required for the web. Your project needs a team that really understands mobile. You need a team that has created iOS and Android applications for companies ranging from the smallest startups to largest global brands. That’s 1minus1. […]

Strategic Marketing

1minus1 is much more than just a design and development agency. Our strategic, analytical approach has been instrumental in helping build and shape products and businesses. It’s seen us become so much more than just a tactics based SEO, social and online advertising agency. We reach for more – to help your business build for a better digital future. […]

Selected Portfolio

Whether you are a startup or a global brand, 1minus1 has delivered winning results for someone like you and your organisation. We know that all businesses have the same expectation - to create beautiful websites, mobile applications and products and to market those products around the world. We work with exciting technologies like React, React Native and Node.js as well as Ruby on Rails and much more.

About our work

As you would hope, we know that as much pride as we take in our work, the most important people to be happy are our clients, and our client’s customers. Whether it’s web design, mobile applications for iPhone and Android, or business and marketing strategy and optimisation, we deliver winning projects. We use exciting technologies like React Native, Node.js and Firebase as well as Ruby on Rails and tools like Wordpress (which is still great - if you know really know what you are doing). But there's no technology for technology's sake here. At 1minus1, we find what best suits your project and business. It's a proactive approach, and underlines our commitment to deliver what’s right for our clients.

“One of the key differences we have found with 1minus1 when compared to other digital consultancies is their understanding and skills in both creative and technical areas which are both of an extremely high quality. 1minus1’s consultancy has delivered great value and we would always recommend them.”

Mike Banwell - Head of Business Services - Vodafone

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This blog post was written about our old website which we have now replaced with the website you are currently viewing! In summer 2015 we launched a new website to replace the one we had in place since 2011. We replaced it for all the sensible reasons: it looked dated, it wasn’t responsive (we were […]