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Turn 10 Studios, an Xbox Games Studio and creators of the legendary Forza franchise, came to 1minus1 looking for a website that showcase not only their deep commitment to the Forza franchise, but their commitment to their team, and the fun, creative environment that awaited potential team members that could help them develop the Forza Motorsport IP. Our work for the project included brand development (Turn 10 had the Forza brand nailed, but less so on the Turn 10 side), website design and build, illustration, photography and video briefing, 3D modelling/animation and editing.
Turn 10 chose 1minus1 because they wanted a high-end, inventive website that illustrated the strength of the team, the skills, and the breadth of knowledge across the company. The project came to us off the back of a recommendation from other studios in the video games industry. The resulting website was completed in a relatively short time period, and incorporated several types of animation including 3D, and a very highly stylised design.
It was important to Turn 10 that 1minus1 created something different to illustrate their studio and the various functions and skill sets within the team. We used various types of animation, filtered and effected video and some of our trademark illustrations to make sure what we created was fun, dynamic and different. For their studio animation, we used a mix of 3D work, vue.js animation, CSS, 3DS max, and Blender modelling. 1minus1 designed and build a fully interactive 3D model where a user can, directly within the web page, navigate though the model.
One of the greatest challenges on the Turn 10 website project was in fact one that was set by Microsoft. The objective was that no matter how dynamic and interesting the website was, for all its animation, the website had to be accessible and inclusive. The result was that despite all the animation, the website passed Microsoft accessibility testing on first check by their Accessibility team. The modern CMS implementation meant that we delivered a flexible website – one that was deployed to Azure within Microsoft. We’re proud to say that it has resulted in a long-term partnership – which works out for us, because we love the games, and really enjoy working with them – something that is critical to us as a company.
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