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studiotypes is a talent acquisition specialist for the video games industry that has several clients in common with 1minus1. We began discussion the potential project when their Founder Joe Palin began to feel that their current website and brand needed to be taken further. Unhappy with previous designs that had been produced by another agency, they decided that they required a studio that could take things to the next level.
For studiotypes, ‘taking things to the next level’ meant further brand development work, and then expanding and refining that brand into the website design. We would then create 3D models with the brand colours of video games consoles and equipment, and use it to create something really engaging. Being different was of the utmost importance to studiotypes; the talent acquisition market is full of teams that don’t really understand the industry, and studiotypes wasn’t one of them. They are specialists with huge experience in the video games industry. So we required our work to present a chasm of difference between their company and their competitors.
For the studiotypes website, we decided to get creative, but in a way that would make the most of the budget. To do this, we found some starter models, and then heavily customised them to bring them into line with the level of model required and the style that needed to be achieved. Once we had the right models, we were able to create a set of layouts that were flexible enough to show the models off, but still allow for clear presentation of copy with a fun clash of retro and modern font styles.
Creating great design work takes partnership, and that became a huge part of the work we did with studiotypes. They’re great guys, they love video games, and they are doing some fantastic work in helping grow video games studios worldwide. Our objective – over everything else – was to make sure that we got that pedigree across, and that the team really know video games more than any other talent acquisition specialists out there. The website we created was fun, had high visual impact, and showed the extra lengths that they go to in order to make a difference in the video games industry.
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