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Fast Travel Games came to 1minus1 after 1minus1’s Founder met Fast Travel CMO Andreas Juliusson after watching a presentation from Andreas on the future of VR. Already fans of the Studio’s work, Andreas saw 1minus1’s work and decided that they would switch from their current partner to 1minus1. What Fast Travel was looking for – and what made the switch worthwhile for the studio – was creativity above all else, coupled with the need for the website to be highly flexible and scalable to allow for new sections to be added, new layouts to be created, and new 3D content to be integrated.
For a studio like Fast Travel Games, focusing on the quality of the games that they produce, and combining it with content about their new standing as a games' publisher in their own right. A key objective was to make sure that they looked different from other studios, and broke free of the standard ‘stick a video trailer at the top of the screen with some introduction text’ mentality, and look at different ways to bring the games alive. Finally, the studio had just completed a rebranding exercise that refined the brand, and that needed to be reflected within the design.
1minus1 worked with the talented Fast Travel team to acquire key game assets and recreate them in three.js (web tech that allows for some really wonderful animations), and to design layouts that were modular, but also unique and different.

For the homepage animation containing the studios’ games, we pulled the models into three.js and created a ‘solar system’ around them that not only displayed the characters and environments independently, but allows Fast Travel to add new games and characters when needed.
One of the things we are most proud of on the Fast Travel project is the relationship we built with their team – open, direct, always constructive and fair but also between us, pushing each other to do better and create more dynamic work. The result was a website that exceeded Fast Travel’s expectations – unique, modern and one of the few examples of games studios bringing their characters to life on the web.
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Check out the website, and get in touch with us for more info on +44 (0)20 3489 7673 or [email protected]