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About this insight

Ballistic Moon, an Indie Games Studio working on some exciting new projects (yet to be revealed!) came to us to create a brand and website that illustrated the studio's skills and experience, and in particular their creativity. This project required brand development, illustration, video, sound effects (all user-triggered and contextual) and, of course, lots of animation.
Ballistic Moon chose 1minus1 because they wanted something different- something that enabled the Studio to highlight the kind of work they can do, without saying what they were actually working on. They needed a story.
Our solution used animation, illustration brand, sound, video, and messaging. We used a mix of 3D work, hand-drawn illustration, composition with montage, existing stock imagery and filtering. Core to the work was the writing of narrative that focused on the love of video games.
To stay in budget, but still create something completely individual, we used a mixture of pre-existing assets and our own illustration work. The result was highly engaging and has encouraged repeat visitors, and a great demonstration of the power of simple narrative to create interest.
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Check out the website, and get in touch with us for more info on +44 (0)20 3489 7673 or [email protected]