Bespoke Website Development using Wordpress, the world's largest Content Management System

Despite many people still believing WordPress is just for bloggers – the fact is, it’s the largest, most accessible CMS (Content Management System) out there. There’s a reason approximately 25% of all websites are powered by it! With over a decade of development behind it, WordPress is well established, well supported, open source and by far the best system at what it does. 1minus1 is a team of WordPress developers with a difference.

The myth with WordPress is that creating a WordPress website is simple is, however, misleading. Whilst you can hire someone at a low cost to install a theme for WordPress, add images and text in appearing to be set to go, this only covers part of what needs doing to get things right. You may have a website that looks smart, but at best, you’ll have a site that just like every other site out there. At worst you could have a website that is prone to hacking, has a low ROI due to the level of content that has been made content manageable, or that is cost ineffective from a maintenance and change perspective.

We do things differently for our clients at 1minus1. We build custom themes from scratch. This means not only do our clients go home with a totally unique looking site, they also have all the bespoke functionality they require built in as well. We also customise the CMS so that it fits all of the client’s requirements, will last into the future and allow them to keep their site fresh and up to date with all their latest content. All the while making sure we get the absolute best out of the ever evolving, ever improving WordPress platform.

There are less obvious additional benefits of using WordPress too, right out of the box it is already optimised for SEO, and we at 1minus1 take that optimisation 2 or 3 steps further with a combination of plugins and hand-built code to ensure that your site climbs the google rankings as quickly as possible.

If you need a new website where you have control over all the content from the start, want to protect it way into the future and protect from hacking – or even resolve issues with the quality you and your company is experiencing – we could be the WordPress developers for you. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you using WordPress to build you a fresh site bespoke just to you.