Spree Commerce

eCommerce website development in Spree Commerce and Ruby on Rails. We love Spree and believe you will too

1minus1 has built many eCommerce websites using several different platforms. Having worked with different platforms, 1minus1 is now committed to developing its larger and more complex online shops using the Spree Commerce platform. Built in Ruby on Rails, we believe it offers a great balance between functionality, ease of use, and scalability.

Clients love it – the reason they pick Spree over other platforms is that it is powerful without being mind-bendingly complex to understand and use, and of course, it’s Open Source. Our developers love it because the code is well structured and extensible (we have made a number of changes and additions within our own work to suit specific client needs) and it blends well with other technologies. We use Spree with React, SASS, Slim and PostgreSQL as a base.

Other systems we have used include things like Opencart, Shopify and more. And of course we have used extensions to WordPress for eCommerce as well. We have even built our own eCommerce platform in .NET. But the one we will suggest is dependent on the type of functionality you require.

To talk to us about how we could developer Spree eCommerce shop for your business, get in touch. 1minus1 is located in Surrey on the border with Hampshire. We have eCommerce clients in Surrey, Hampshire, London and beyond.