Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails developers in Surrey and London

1minus1 develops powerful websites and web applications with Ruby on Rails. We have created our own Rails applications and products, and have used Ruby on Rails to create large, complex applications for our clients. We are Ruby on Rails experts, based in Surrey.

Our team has created Rails applications for large organisations like CBRE, has dealt with transactions and complex bespoke setups and built complex eCommerce systems (we love Spree Commerce Рa brilliant Ruby on Rails open source eCommerce solution that is API driven and modular), SaaS applications and more. Whatever the type of application you are looking for, we have probably created something like it. One example of our work is a Rails application as large as a bespoke social network site. This website included a custom CMS and a huge range of features, requiring hundreds of person-days of development. Another example is a Rails-driven web application for enabling the hiring of employees within the marine industry, which has run for several years with barely any issues. We even use Rails on our own in-house projects. Ultimately, we love using Rails on projects large and small, particularly when it is teamed within clever solutions such as Cloud 66 for continuous integration.

The reason why we love Rails is the flexibility and versatility it allows. It gives you the ease of creating really powerful websites and applications, but the power to accommodate whatever complexities the project requires. Many DevOps tools that we use, such as Cloud 66 and Codeship, also make it very easy to manage Rails projects, and the support for Ruby on Rails applications from third parties is generally incredibly good.

Ruby on Rails is an elegant but powerful way to build things, and we love using it for our own projects and for clients alike. If you are reading this page you are likely already interested in Rails as a technology for your application. Perhaps it is even that you have an existing application you would like us to look at to see how it can be improved. Whichever it is, we would love to hear from you. Call us on +44 (0)1252 413954 to have a chat, we’re always happy to help.