React Native

React Native to your mobile application development challenges!
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In addition to developing mobile applications in Objective-C/Swift for iOS and Java for Android where it most suits the project, 1minus1 has adopted use of React Native to build mobile applications.

Based on React, a JavaScript library developed by Facebook, React Native is a brilliant tool for creating mobile applications that can be used across the multiple platforms of iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets. And the clue is in the name – the applications created are native, not just applications thrown into a Web Wrapper.

As it is developed further (and it is indeed a very new technology, having been initially presented by Facebook as a way to build native mobile applications in early 2015), it is becoming a better and better tool to use to keep costs down by creating mobile applications rapidly, and at quality. And with that comes cost reductions. Our current estimates of the time and therefore cost saving of using React Native is about 25%, and for a second application (for example if you went from having the first application for iOS and then developed the second for Android) allowing for significant reuse.

So yes, you may well – dependent on the kind of features your application needs – expect to be able to release applications across the separate platforms at a significant cost saving.

Next, you will find that since developers are using JavaScript as the base of the code, that more developers can be involved. Part of the reason for this is that React Native is very much about UI. It utilises virtually the same interface building blocks as what you might call ‘regular’ iOS and Android mobile applications. It just so happens that you use JavaScript and React to access these UI elements rather than Java and Objective-C (for example).

At 1minus1, we believe that React Native represents the future of mobile applications where you are using hybrid technology. You may also like to read this blog post we wrote about increasing mobile productivity using React Native.

Creating an application which gets noticed seems like a big challenge for businesses. A developer has to focus on everything from UI to design to graphics in order to get the best experience for users: first of all – the app should be compatible with multiple devices, also progressive and responsive, compatible with multiple devices and, in addition, should be able to adjust to different screen sizes.

React-Native comes with everything you need

  • Maximum code reuse & cost saving
  • Live reload
  • Strong performance for mobile environments
  • Modular and intuitive architecture similar to React
  • Faster development
  • Closer teams between iOS and Android
  • Cross-platform building

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