PHP development and solutions for the web, our work ranges from applications and websites for the smallest startups to the largest global brands

1minus1 is a PHP development agency based in Surrey. We have a great deal of experience using PHP for web development and for many different kinds of applications, from content-rich WordPress websites and applications, to Laravel-based projects, and eCommerce and online stores. We manage PHP websites and their servers for large clients turning over tens of millions of pounds a day.

PHP is the language of choice for a huge number of applications all across the web, and all developers come across PHP at one time or another. We’re no different, and while it isn’t always our choice for a new project, we have the experience in-house to work on applications of all sizes.

Our experience with PHP has proven extremely useful to companies large and small and has even seen 1minus1 step in as trouble-shooters when clients have had website problems of all kinds. Our work with PHP has been carried out in a number of different industries. It has seen is manage PHP websites for large clients like the Daily Mail Group, large applications for employee management,  and also create numerous small bespoke solutions for small web clients including IT consultancies, Data Management experts and online shopping carts and stores.

If you are looking for PHP developers, development or solutions of any kind then 1minus1 will be able to make a significant positive impact on your project.