Server-side Javascript developers in Surrey

1minus1 is a Node.js development agency based in Surrey. We develop powerful web applications with Node.js and Javascript. 1minus1’s team includes Node.js developers working with what has become a framework of choice for moving applications and businesses forward in digital and is used to create a large variety of applications. Node.js – built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime – enables developers to create scalable and fast applications. Node.js is lightweight and efficient. It is ideal for data-intensive real-time applications. It is perfect for applications running across multiple types of devices.

Our team have used Node.js to build lightweight applications and love the simplicity of being able to write client and server-side code in JavaScript. The 1minus1 development team, which includes node.js developers, is based in London and Surrey. Our HQ in the lovely market town of Farnham. We’ve used common Node.js frameworks and plugins for our projects, building music based applications, systems and applications, and have experience with using web sockets to build truly real-time applications. What makes it – what we believe – is amazing, is the access it provides to a different set of APIs. This in itself can mean lower development costs as building applications are quite simply far more efficient. Great use cases would real-time applications, where changes need to occur on screen as they happen; for example, instant messaging or live chat applications. 1minus1 initially used it to show changes in voting statuses against music tracks. It worked brilliantly within this application.

Node.js offers simplicity in development, and 1minus1 would love to hear how we can use it to help you and your business whether you are local to us or not – we can help. Call us on 01252 413954 to discuss your requirements and let’s find a way to work together. We always welcome an informal conversation.