Development with the Laravel PHP Framework for companies ranging from the smallest startups to the largest global brands

1minus1 is a Laravel development agency based in Surrey, UK. We much prefer Laravel over other PHP frameworks such as CodeIgnitor and Zend, which are in our opinion past their sell-by-date. We have used all these frameworks in the past, but find Laravel much more powerful for developing web applications. We have built applications in Laravel for clients such as WWF where we built a footprint calculator that enables users to calculate how much of an impact their way of life has on the environment. It’s built on Laravel with a Vue.js front-end. It’s pretty great if we do say so ourselves – and WWF UK’s largest traffic generator. Take a look at

At 1minus1 we believe there are clear reasons why you would build web applications with Laravel. Laravel is on a significant upward trajectory in terms of usage, and its development as a framework, and has a modern view of code architecture, influenced by the likes of Rails. Our developers say that it “… feels much more Rails-like”, by which they mean that it makes developing code faster and more elegant, and easier to read directly rather than requiring constant code comments (which always get outdated). Laravel allows us to write beautiful PHP and in a more forward-thinking way than with other PHP frameworks, and it allows more rapid development as a result.  It’s simply faster to code in Laravel than other PHP frameworks.

Ask 1minus1 about how we can use Laravel to meet your needs, or about how we can help you with your existing Laravel website or web application.