iOS Developers creating iPhone and iPad applications for businesses ranging from startups to global brands

1minus1 as a teamĀ have over ten years of development experience with iOS. We have delivered multiple apps for iPhone and iPad and have a number of other mobile apps in development.

The Apple App Store is theĀ best known collection of independent software there is, and apps are crucial to so many businesses. We have the experience to help your existing iOS app, or to work with you to build the one you want.

1minus1 has worked on apps of all sizes – for worldwide companies and smaller startups – and have grown with the platform to have experience with Objective-C itself, as well as its updated brother, Swift. We’ve also used RubyMotion and React Native.

iOS is a modern but mature platform which includes many powerful built-in frameworks which help developers to provide rich, engaging, secure and beautiful apps. The entire development life-cycle is supported by tools and technologies provided by Apple.

Ask 1minus1 how we can help you with your iOS development needs. We’re based in Surrey, and have clients throughout London, the South East and beyond.