User Experience Design

Obsessive about design and detail, 1minus1 is an award-winning creative agency

User experience design is deeply ingrained in 1minus1’s DNA. Starting with our Founder’s background in User Experience, and running right throughout our team, this is something we hugely passionate about. It’s also something that we have created great results in, delivering projects from single person startups to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Making sure your business, product or project looks brilliant means everything to us. But making sure that design delivers positive results means even more. We know our design work needs to be more – to do more than just look pretty. Whether you need something that should help you sell, help you retain customers, increase engagement, secure investment, or increase user numbers we have you covered. We’ve created UX design for SaaS products, for social sites, for mobile applications, enterprise systems and much more. We understand how to help clients bootstrap startup projects whilst making sure that design is factored in and we know how to create UX kits that scale and enable your development team to thrive and make sure the product is scalable visually.

Taking care to ensure your website, web application or software product is optimised for usability does not mean that you cannot be innovative in your web design or web development. There are, however, a number of key factors to consider when focusing on usability in design. Addressing these issues is absolutely vital to ensuring your end-product performs:

  • Does our design truly address the needs of its users, or does it just reflect what you want to show them?
  • Is the design helping our company generate revenue and is it envisaged it will scale in future and help save money?
  • Does the end-product have the right balance between content, technical requirements and user experience design?
  • Is it making the best use of web technologies? Do they help or hinder users?

Our approach to User Experience and usability is to ensure that the work we create is innovative, dynamic and interesting. After all, there are new technologies that – used in the correct way – can make sites more usable, but also enhance their dynamics and make websites interesting and stand out from the crowd. In our view, the key factor that overrides everything is a balance. If you get the balance right then you really have the potential to increase your revenue and get a step ahead of competitors.

It’s not just the designers that get involved – we have our own commercially focused production team that is key to helping shape customer journeys, developing messaging and pushing your brand forward. It’s a team effort, and team success.

Ultimately, we are here to craft a user experience that will create a significant advantage over the competition. That’s true whether you’re a large brand or small start-up. We’re not print designers, nor fluffy creatives with crazy ideas – we run a focused and dedicated creative team whose only passion is a great design.

1minus1 works with clients throughout the UK. Whether you are from a company large or small, established or start-up, we would love to talk to you about your project.