Mobile Application Development

iOS and Android application design and development

If you have a mobile project in mind, or an existing mobile project you want to bring to expert mobile developers with the experience to improve what you have, 1minus1 is your team. From a consultancy perspective, a development perspective, or both – we have taken on and succeeded in tackling significant mobile challenges.

We have designed and developed mobile applications for iOS and Android that have scaled to user-bases in excess of hundreds to thousands. Mobile applications we have created have hit the top 10 in the App Store; they have helped clients raise hundreds of thousands in crowdfunding; and they have been implemented from clients that just present an idea, with no users, into becoming businesses worth millions in value.

One of the things that really excites us about the mobile work we have completed is the variety of companies we have achieved results for. It ranges from companies that are just starting out – with nothing more than a great idea and a desire to work out how to move it forward, to global brands such as CBRE, Grey Goose and Nissan.

The work we do for mobile applications is almost always integrated with our web development work. As mobile developers we have headed projects where clients want to be able to content manage their applications and manage users and data, but it’s always integrated with our design and user experience team. Our work is always focused on not just the development, but the aesthetic aspects too. We know what makes user’s fall in love with mobile applications, we know what makes people use them again and again, and we know what people want to see, and how to find out what they don’t want to see.

Making sure these elements are covered by our own team is a critical factor in what sets our work apart from the crowd. A parallel outcome of our attention to detail within this aspect means that it will be a critical part of what sets you apart from the crowd too.

If you are looking for something mobile, we will get you on the right path and help you create a solution that will provide the best results …