Web application distributing and managing software licences across Vodafone’s European operating companies

Building on the success of previous projects with Vodafone, 1minus1 was the obvious choice to build their new application. But like with many projects for large organisations, the commercial process to be selected to build an incredibly important system for the global company was stringent and detailed. Having completed a number of successful projects for one of Vodafone’s Operating Companies, a number of key individuals within the organisation were aware that 1minus1 was more than ‘just’ a creative agency – they knew that we had serious technical chops to match, and had created a number of bespoke, complex projects for a number of companies and had the track-record and references to prove it.

The system we selected to build, based on .NET, C# and integrated with a Microsoft API for managing software licenses was to be in place for a maximum of twelve months whilst the organisation commissioned a much larger technical project for a much higher figure than the Phase of work we were to do now (read on to find out what happened to that other project as a result of our work).

Despite the initially perceived short lifespan of the work of one year, as a critical tool, the solution needed to be highly stable, keep management costs down and integrate with other systems to manage the distribution flow. The initial Phase of the project – released after only twelve weeks, was so successful that Vodafone took the decision to not proceed with its previously intended replacement project, and continue to build and iterate on the work with 1minus1. This has resulted in our building a further five phases of work, and managing the application through a support contract that we continue to run and manage to this day.

The solution is now used successfully with a global employee audience across multiple Operating Companies falling under the Vodafone umbrella. It has proven stable, performant, and above all has showed through its longevity the quality of the work 1minus1 can produce.