Integrated marketing planner web application for one of the world's largest car brands

Market-leading marketing software company Elateral and their client Toyota needed a company to build a bespoke online marketing application. The application, built in .NET, needed to be designed and built to manage a complex set of marketing plans and commissioned marketing materials for Toyota dealers within the UK, so that the organisation could track what money was spent where on marketing materials required for the brands. The current issue was that there was a lack of visibility over these plans, and they needed a tool to resolve that issue that would enable them to better control budgets as a whole, and also to understand better where budgets were working, and where they were not.

1minus1 was commissioned to devise a highly usable application that allowed both Toyota sales and after-sales departments to conduct their marketing planning and distribution through one core interface. Bearing in mind the large volume of data and data input required, careful consideration had to be made towards how the UX journey worked, and how easy the application would be to use. As what was essentially a CRM system, Toyota head-office had to have confidence that the dealerships would use the application and that the data could therefore be trusted to be an accurate reflection of the campaigns and budgets.

The bespoke application built by 1minus1 was first deployed to the Toyota dealerships new sales teams and then after a successful pilot program. The application was further developed and released to the after-sales teams.