Red Hot Yoga

Dynamic, highly interactive video and content driven website for the successful Yoga studio.

Red Hot Yoga had rapidly grown into a hugely successful Yoga Studio. Based in Guildford, Surrey, growth had been quick and sustained.

The company now felt that their growth would be hampered by a website that didn’t reflect the quality of what they had to offer – a great location in the heart of Guildford with multiple studios, multiple different environments and some of the best and most experienced instructors available in the UK.

The process from initial meeting to commission was fairly short for Red Hot Yoga – they felt strongly that 1minus1 was the right company for them and felt their investment would be secure in the hands of a company that could demonstrate their experience readily and introduced them to the entire team.

In the end however, Red Hot Yoga chose 1minus1 more for one reason than anything else – they believed that we were the company that would be most likely to create them a site, for a fair price, that would be substantially different and better than their competitor’s websites. It also helped that we also had the skills to integrate their website with their existing Yoga class booking system. By the end of the project we had also been commissioned to create video and photography for them and integrate that into the designs we had ready for their approval. We then set about making the video become a part of the website, rather than just sitting within the website as a separate element. Users were able to roll over particular types of Yoga and see immediate demonstrations of the type of Yoga being covered, as well as see more video within each individual page.

The resulting website, built in WordPress, we are proud to say, made Red Hot Yoga a very happy client indeed, and has seen them recommended 1minus1 to other companies on a number of occasions. We created something different, and we also managed to make their Yoga booking system blend into the website design perfectly.