Hewlett Packard

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HP came to 1minus1 wanting to achieve something for its educational and training division that needed to be delivered on mobile devices. The applications would need to be designed and built for all the most popular platforms – iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. The applications also needed to be delivered in a short timescale to tie in with the launch of a worldwide campaign within the organisation to promote education within sales.

1minus1’s first task then, was to find a way to be able to deliver multiple projects within such a short timespan, and consult with HP on what was achievable, and what was not. Our first recommendation was that the company should seriously consider looking at web mobile applications and not native applications (despite our preference for native applications and our experience in native applications, we are firm believers in the right tools for the right job, and weren’t about to break that over personal preference). The knock-on effect of this proposal – which HP accepted, was that the project could be delivered for approximately a quarter of the cost of native applications, and also could, with some serious hard work and great planning, be delivered within their required timescale.

Next, we knew that HP were looking for something special. To achieve that would be a highly technical task with several levels of system integration via an API. Since HP didn’t have an API for their global website, 1minus1 was commissioned, as part of our work, to consult with the organisation on the best way for them to achieve this to enable our applications, and applications like them, to work with the website.


They also needed significant UX (User Experience) expertise to ensure that their client-base used the application, which in turn would help drive training revenue for HP.

The resulting application won an internal HP award for best campaign and most innovative use of technology.