Guitar Village

eCommerce website, web applications and finance integration for Guitar Village, the legendary Guitar Shop moving the business

Guitar Village is a hugely successful guitar shop with a beautiful bricks and mortar shop in Farnham, Surrey. The shop stocks more than a thousand beautiful guitars, amps and guitar pedals. The team at Guitar Village were looking for a new website which would deliver a smooth and modern user experience, while keeping the vintage, rustic and charming feel of the business which the team pride themselves on as their USP.

The overall aim of the new website was to catapult the business forward, producing a responsive and efficient website which could later be extended to work alongside an EPOS system within the Shop and and overall integrated accounting system. The intention being to improve internal administrative processes and allow better visibility across sales both online and offline.

There were a number of considerations for the website/application, needing to integrate with a number of third party systems. The solution needed to allow online payments, finance applications, reviews and easy content management. 1minus1 and Guitar Village approached the project with a scoping phase, during which the two teams worked together to look into eCommerce solutions which would fit with Guitar Village’s existing processes.

The final solution is a Spree Commerce Ruby on Rails and React.js Web Application, customised to fit Guitar Village’s needs and the WordPress API elegantly delivers the page content. Online payments and finance applications are handled via integrated third party API’s, along with the delivery of Reviews via TrustPilot. Following completion of the main web application build, 1minus1 worked to maximise the performance of the website for improved SEO and user experience.

The final product is a stable, beautiful and efficient web application which both 1minus1 and Guitar Village are extremely proud of. This has been instrumental in taking Guitar Village on the next stage of their journey online and we continue to work with Guitar Village to keep the website fresh and moving forward.