Grey Goose

Highly visual, interactive, animated iPad mobile application for the luxury vodka brand

Grey Goose came to 1minus1 through a business partner, Interact Branding, who were looking to find a way to make visits the Grey Goose distillery in the South of France a more immersive and engaging experience. They weren’t yet sure how exactly they wanted to use mobile, but had created an application previously that they felt had not achieved their objectives. Where the existing application had been similar to browsing through a simple set of content, much like you might browse an online brochure, the new application had to include animations, video, audio – and of course be matched by beautiful layouts throughout the mobile application.

To match those expectations then, 1minus1 proposed leaning on the large suite of marketing material already available for the brand, and then extended the brand itself through the mobile application and make it match up to the high quality of the Grey Goose website, but with a separate spin to make it appropriate for the iPad.

Since the application’s intention was to be used as an immersive experience by visitors to Grey Goose’s distillery in France, we quickly set on closely defining how that experience as a success should be defined. This involved mapping carefully the objectives of the application to the both Grey Goose’s and Interact Branding’s own requirements – and then back to those of the visitors. Since the visitors would be the ones who – ultimately – proved the success or failure of our work, we knew we had to carry out testing to check our theories.

After thorough testing the application, containing animation, movies, diagrams, sound and more, was released. It was a hugely successful piece of work for the client as an interactive companion piece to the trip and provided the company with one of its first forays into mobile.