Finance driven iPad application for the leader in real estate services and investment

CBRE came to 1minus1 with a mobile challenge that they needed to solve quickly, to improve on previous projects that had been completed for the organisation. It was felt that earlier incarnations of their financial iPad applications had under-achieved – they weren’t performant, they weren’t particularly user-friendly, and they didn’t represent the quality and breadth of the CBRE brand.

1minus1 therefore knew that it needed to create a ‘next level’ mobile application for iPad that dramatically improved on those existing applications. It couldn’t just be a touch above those mobile applications – it had to be leagues above. The new application had to be innovative, requiring the elegant display of large amounts of complex financial data. It had to be beautifully designed. It had to be surprising yet easy to use, high-end yet inclusive, and please both CBRE and its high net-worth clients and multinational organisations the organisation worked with who would be using the application.


In working on the project, 1minus1 worked closely as a partnership with CBRE to deliver the iOS application with a consultative approach. We were always realistic about what could be achieved within their budget, honest about what deadlines could be achieved, and direct where there were issues that needed to be overcome.

Within the application itself, particularly important was that the vast amounts of data were to be displayed in their entirety but clearly within the small amount of space that an iPad screen offers. This was delivered using a combination of beautifully dynamic graphs, tables and carefully thought out screens, all designed for an easy and clear user experience.

The resulting app has been highly successful as a sales tool for CBRE and a proud portfolio piece for 1minus1. The feedback we received from those from CBRE that worked on the project was outstanding and resulted in 1minus1 being asked to tender for several other projects within the organisation.