Change is good. We like it.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and now we are live with our own new website, we can take a step back and start to assess whether our business objectives have been achieved. We can truly only start to see this by analysing how it works for the people using it over time. But we are on our way.

The business objectives were pretty demanding, but nothing that 1minus1 hadn’t accomplished before. Here are a few of the points that were within that document, which was just a simple three page brief. The brief contained no comments about how the website should look at all. This project was about trusting the team with the objectives, and being sure in the belief that the team could and would deliver on the requirements:

“What this is about is not telling you how it should look, I have utterly avoided that. There is no specificity from a visual perspective, just conceptual. I have focused only on business requirements.”

The brief ended by focusing on what we needed to show the user:

“We need to find new and unique ways to show off our vision. We cannot and must not look the same as everyone else. We need to inspire people. We need to make people excited to want to work with us. To make them believe that we can transform their businesses (because we can!). They need to believe that by working with us we can make their project really be the success it needed to be.”

In our last blog, written about how we fell out of love with our 2015 website, we said: “We let ourselves get away from what made people choose us – personality, difference, inventiveness.” Has our new website got personality? We think it has. Does it show difference? We believe so. We would love your feedback on whether you think it has too. Our new website holds plenty of new ideas, portrayed through design, content, UX, transitions and animations. Personality is what defines our agency, and as part of our DNA, this website needs to be our shop window to show that.

Like dangling a piece of string in front of a cat, time and again our team have felt the need to change our website and represent 1minus1 in its true light. As a collective we feel like we have achieved this – and we like to think there’s not any rose coloured spectacles in sight. We love innovating for others, but we like to think that now we have made the time to do that for ourselves.

We have to show people who visit our site that we have something special to offer, and our commitment to providing our clients an unparalleled experience in their journey, has never been stronger.

Thanks for visiting, Enjoy.

By the way, we are running a little Twitter competition for those that are interested to celebrate the launch. Go to @1minus1limited on Twitter to see that. The terms are here.

Jonathan Hill