About Us

1minus1 is a digital agency. We design, build and market websites, web and mobile applications.

We are digital specialists – it’s all we do. We have been around since 2004 and during that time we’ve built solutions for clients ranging from some of the biggest companies in the world to some of the smallest. We’re based in a small(ish) town called Farnham in Surrey, and Hoxton, London. We work with clients throughout the UK.

Ultimately, we design, build and market things, and lots of companies do that. But that’s only part of what we are about. At 1minus1 we understand helping clients achieve their business objectives is about more than just making things look pretty. Yes, if you choose to work with us we will create something that is elegant and engaging. We do that every day. And yes, it will be built to quality, with the future in mind. But what really sets us apart further is how we focus that work on helping our clients achieve the objectives they have set out. And it’s not just a lofty aim. We make it a reality – right now, on our books, we have partners that we are making a lot of money. Clients that we have taken from poor results with other agencies, to incredible results with us. We know how to get results, and we do.

But we don’t just make people money. We help them spend wisely, tell us when they feel you will get an ROI and tell us honestly when money being spent is most likely to bring a return. This is how 1minus1 will work with you to help support and grow your business.

We’ve built a team we’re proud of; although our HQ is in Surrey we have clients through the South East and further afield, and due to our growing client base in town, we now have a London office.

You can follow 1minus1 on Twitter for news and comment too. @1minus1limited.